The office of campus construction
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Introduction of OCC


As part of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Office of Campus Construction (OCC) is located in the east area of the Minhang school district, opposite to the No.28 Students' Apartment. OCC focuses on the infrastructure construction of the campus, and is divided into five departments: Plan and Investment Management Department, Construction Management Department, Quality and Safety Management Department, Integrated Management Department and General Engineer Room. Our functions and policies are listed as follows.



1.  To carry out overall campus planning.

2.  To make plans on infrastructure, and to report to the Ministry of Education and other relevant government departments.

3.  To direct and handle the declaration of all kinds of construction procedures.

4.  To supervise the safety, quality, schedule and acceptance tests of infrastructure projects.

5.  To manage decoration and construction permits on campus.

6.  To organize conservation projects according to the annual house conservation plans.

7.  To offer routine maintenance on campus buildings.


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